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Yuehong membrane structure successfully withstands typhoon


This year, the 22nd typhoon "shanzhu" (strong typhoon category) has made landfall at 17:00 on September 16, 2018 in taishan haiyan town, guangdong province. At the time of landfall, the maximum wind speed was 15m/s (45 m/s, equal to 162km/h), and the minimum central pressure was 955 baipa.It is said to be China's rare and most powerful typhoon, extremely lethal.

After the typhoon of level 14, the membrane structure is still intact which downstairs of guangzhou yuehong membrane structure engineering co., LTD (see figure 1). Compared with other seriously damaged tin buildings (see figure 2), the membrane structure is obviously resistant to wind.


The membrane structure has good drainage, which can perfectly avoid the problem of water accumulation, and is very strong, which can bring the effect of shading, rain, and wind resistance, so even the strongest typhoon can resist.Besides, it is free and light in shape, flame retardant, simple in manufacture, quick in installation, energy saving and safe in use.

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