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The advantage of Car Parking Tension Membrane Structure compare with traditional car parking carport


Car Parking Tension Membrane Structure can Create the solutions that traditional building car parking cannot achieve.

1. The membrane structure of the carport is tight:

The tensile car parking shed is light because it depends on the prestressed state to maintain balance rather than the physical structure. Therefore, its weight is much smaller than that traditional building parking, but it also has good stability. The Architects can take advantage of its lightweight large-span design features and structural details, the organic unity of light and stable structural features.


2. Membrane structure Carport transparency: 

Transmittance is one of the most widely recognized features of modern membrane structures. The transparency of the film provides the required lighting for the building, which is very important for building energy efficiency. Through the comprehensive utilization of natural lighting and artificial lighting, membrane materials provide a greater aesthetic space for architectural design.


The choice of light transmittance and color of the film material can be adjusted by the color coating. The multilayer film of the heat insulating layer can be made translucent by a suitable combination of the substance of the cell membrane and the transparent heat insulating material. Even with a few percent transmission of the spectrum, the film is still bright and transparent in the face of humans, with a light roof that is perceptual.

3, membrane structure carport has flexible features:


The flexibility of the tension structure allows it to produce large displacements without permanent deformation. The elastic properties of the membrane and the level of prestressing determine the deformation response of the membrane structure.

Adapting to nature and flexibility, it can inspire people's architectural design inspiration. The flexible procedures of the different membranes are not the same, some membrane materials and good flexibility, rather than by the folding and cracking or damage, make the material effective to implement the basis and premise of the movable structure.


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