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Swimming Pool Membrane Structure Project Of Guang Zhi


In the field of modern architecture, membrane structure is widely used in sports architecture, shopping malls, exhibition centers, transportation infrastructure and other buildings, becoming one of the most important forms of modern engineering structure.

Last month, Yue Hong membrane structure has cooperation with Guang Zhi to customize a simple appearance, high-capacity membrane structure. Swimming pool membrane structure belonging to sports facilities.The membrane structure can effectively protect the sun from rain and has the following advantages:

(1)Artistry: It can be said that every membrane structure is a unique building in the world, which gives full play to the imagination of architects and embodies the beauty of clear force applied to structural components.

(2)Economy: because the film material has a certain light transmittance, 

the lighting intensity and time can be reduced during the day, which can save energy.

(3) Large span: the membrane structure can fundamentally overcome the difficulties encountered by traditional structures in realizing large span (unsupported) buildings, create huge unobstructed visible space, and effectively increase the space use area.

(4) Self-cleaning: the protective coating material used in the membrane structure of natatoriumcan make the building have good self-cleaning effect, maintain the beautiful appearance of the membrane structure, and guarantee the service life of the building.

(5) Short construction period: all the processing and production in the natatorium construction project are completed in the factory, which can reduce the site construction time and avoid the construction crossing. Compared with the traditional construction period, the construction period is relatively short.

As a new type giant of China's membrane structure manufacturing industry, yuehong owns the world's advanced membrane structure design ability and manufacturing technology, and is specialized in customizing the most suitable membrane structure scheme for you.

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