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PVDF/PTFE/ETFE tensile sun shade membrane structure tent

PVDF/PTFE/ETFE tensile sun shade membrane structure tent

Completion Time
August, 2016
Construction Site
Project Area
100 Square Meters
Structure Selection
Main Structure adopts Q235 Steel Pipe
More than 15 years
Delivery Time
Within 25 Days after confirm deposit
Film Type
White PVDF architectural film imported from Germany, Total Weight 1000g/㎡, Thickness is 0.95mm
T/T, VISA, Master Card, E-checking, L/C, Cash (30% deposit, 70% balance before delivery)
Place of Origin
China Guangzhou
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Project Description
Membrane Structure


    The project site is located in the Philippines. It is a membrane structure of aisle corridors. It has the functions of shading, retaining water, and beautifying aisles. In addition, the arched structure film used at the entrance gives a feeling of grandeur.


    This type of membrane structure is suitable for commercial plazas, plazas, parks, pavilions, municipal afforestation, community entrances, sports stands, etc. The shape is simple and generous, and the structure is stable.

Design Load & Material Parameter
Membrane Structure

  Design Load

Live Load: 0.30kn/m2;  
Basic Snow Pressure: 0.30kn/m2;
Lifespan: 15 years.
Basic Air Pressure: 0.40 kn/m2;
Pre-tension of the Film Warp/weft=2.0/2.0 kn/m.

Material Parameter

 ◪ 1.All the steel pipes used are hot-pressed seamless steel pipes. All the main materials are Q235 steel, in line with GB700-88.

 ◪2.The pipe-to-pipe connection and pipe-to-connector connection use a butt weld or full-period fillet weld.

  3.All butt welds must be cut-through welds. These welds are not specified and the weld grade is Grade 3.

  4.Where the weld is not a fillet weld, the weld foot is not less than 4mm. All exposed mouths have sealing plates.

  5.Bolts are galvanized common large hex head bolts, in line with GB5780-86; nuts in line with GB41-86.

  6.Manual welding uses E43xx electrodes, welding wires and fluxes for automatic and semi-automatic welding.

  7.Film fabric using white PVDF film with its total weight 850g/㎡.

 8.The wire rope material conforms to the universal wire rope standard "GB/T8918-1996".

Philippine Stand Film - Top View
Philippine Stand Film - Elevation

Philippine canopy film - elevation
Philippine canopy film - axonometric map

Product Installation
Membrane Structure

Appearance inspections are performed on all weld locations. The visual inspection level is Class B.
Rust removal is applied at the surface of all components and the rating is St3.
All steel components are treated with sharp corners, burrs and flashes. After the weld is welded, the slag and spatter are removed.
Super-long steel structural parts are processed in the factory according to the reasonable transport capacity segment, transported to the site assembly welding, and required to ensure that the strength of the assembled weld is stronger than the original steel components.
Prior to installation and construction of steel structures, it is necessary to check and measure the precision of embedded parts in advance.
Reasonably arrange the installation sequence of steel structure and membrane structure.

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