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Power grid equipment membrane structure awning


Project name - foshan lishui town power grid equipment membrane structure awning

Project location: foshan

Project area: 1100 square meters

With the coming of summer, people pay more and more attention to shading, especially in areas used for outdoor work.

In terms of this cooperation, senior engineering designers had in-depth communication with foshan power station manager in charge to understand customer requirements, terrain and matters needing attention, and finally designed membrane structure modeling with curved surface.The design using the suitable span to ensure the shading effect and the requirement of protecting the power grid equipment, while also displaying a beautiful artistic architectural modeling. Yuehong adopts high-quality double PVDF membrane material and strong steel, and has exquisite tension membrane technology, providing customers with high-quality service and high-quality products, ensuring the life of the membrane structure can be more than 20 years.

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