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Landscape Sunshade Membrane Structure Of Original Ecological Farm



After a week of hard work, people are more and more inclined to spend their weekends at the original eco-farm for a leisurely weekend. In the outdoor activities, the landscape membrane structure can play a great role. It can not only become a landscape building in the farm, but also act as a sunshade and rainproof function, so that we can have more fun.

Landscape membrane structure can provide a variety of functions, and can be perfectly integrated with the landscape environment. It fully demonstrates the beauty of art with clear stress on structural components while integrating surrounding environment skillfully, and giving people a sense of nobility, elegance, romance and warmth. In addition, In addition, because of the special color rendering of the membrane material itself, it can form a gorgeous and colorful landscape under the mapping of night lights.



It not only provides people with a space for shading from the sun and rain, but also brings people a fashionable and relaxed leisure feeling due to the lively style. Therefore, Landscape membrane structure has became very popular in business applications.

With the light and unique semi-closed shape of the membrane structure, it forms all-weather architectural space, provides weatherproof artificial environment. Consequently, it is an excellent choice for the renovation and construction of the farm.

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