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Landscape membrane structure apply in park


Landscape membrane structure is a newly developed form of architectural structure. It is a structure system which can cover large span space with excellent properties.

Since 1970s, membrane structure has been used in sports buildings, shopping malls, exhibition centers, traffic service facilities and other long-span buildings.

Membrane structure has become a main scheme in structural design and selection.

Park is a place for people to play and release their feelings. The garden landscape membrane structure establed in Zhanjiang by Yuehong can not only act as a shelter against wind and rain, but also become another landscape line.Because tensile membrane fabric itself has surface variability, so the shape is very unique. 

Rich and colorful tension membrane fabrics show the beauty of the art of membrane structure, and the wonderful integration of the surrounding environment, giving people a sense of dignity, elegance and leisure.

Yuehong landscape membrane structure is composed of a variety of high-strength film materials, such as PVDF membrane, PTFE membrane, ETFE membrane and so on.

The membrane structure is well insulated, reflecting 70 percent of the sun's heat without being affected by ultraviolet light.

Its self-cleaning is also superior to traditional buildings, and its service life is more than 15 years, so you don't have to worry about quality.

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