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Lake landscape architecture Membrane structure



Lakefront landscape membrane structure, the overall shape is very similar to the pavilion, but it has more charm and attraction than the traditional pavilion.

Designed by yuehong engineers with several years of experience, this style lake landscape structure membrane has the shape of a spring blossom flower, and the design of it is based on the topography and surrounding environment of the park.

With decades of experience in this field, yue hong membrane structure is proficient in various difficult technologies and latest design concepts. 


From the design, manufacturing and construction of every link, it can give you the most reliable service.

Yuehong has been studying deeply in the field of membrane structure, constantly improved the overall level of the factory, endowed with the purpose of providing better products for all over the world.

If you have any demand on membrane structure, please feel free to consult us. We will make the best product for you and provide perfect after-sale service, so that you can use it more safely.


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