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High grade fabric tent shade structure event membrane marquee architecture

High grade fabric tent shade structure event membrane marquee architecture

Completion Time
September, 2012
Construction Site
Project Area
2700 Square Meters
Structure Selection
Main Structure adopts Q235 Steel Pipe
More than 15 years
Delivery Time
Within 25 Days after confirm deposit
Film Type
White PVDF architectural film imported from Germany, Total Weight 1000g/㎡, Thickness is 0.95mm.
T/T, VISA, Master Card, E-checking, L/C, Cash (30% deposit, 70% balance before delivery)
Place of Origin
China Guangzhou
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Project Description
Membrane Structure


    Located in Henan, this project is a stage for the establishment of more than 1,000 years of anniversary in Vietnam. In this project, the company arranged professional designers and installation masters to guide the installation on site. Because there are many places that need to be changed on the site, the construction team has brought a lot of difficulties. Under the leadership of the company's responsible person, after two days and one night's modification plan and installation, it was finally completed. The event can also be held on schedule and the customer is very satisfied with our company. We also specially invited the person in charge of our company to participate in this event and took the opportunity to congratulate.


    This type of styling is suitable for awnings on large-scale commercial events, commercial streets, pavilions, and event venues. Beautiful shape, different styles.

Material Parameter
Membrane Structure


Project Area: 2700 Square Meters;
Structure Selection: Main Structure adopts Q235 Steel Pipe;
The steel pipe is a high-frequency welded pipe, the material is Q235, and the welding rod is E43 type.
The membrane material is PVC architectural membrane material, the color is white.
The pre-embedded steel plate is Q235 steel.

Product Installation
Membrane Structure

The production of steel structures shall comply with the relevant provisions of (Steel Structure Engineering Quality Acceptance Specification) GB50205-2001.
The level of welding quality shall be class III. The butt weld shall be a penetration cut weld.
Steel structure and anchorage foundation: The production of steel structural columns meets the requirements of installation accuracy and controls the dimensional error of the connecting pieces. The anchoring foundation requires that the position deviation of adjacent bearings should not exceed 15m.
The gusset plate thickness is -6m, and the weld height is not specified as 6m.
All structural parts that have tapped holes or round holes need to be machined with a smooth, sharp angle.
The end of the tube shall not be exposed, and the thickness of the sealing plate shall be 4m.
Reasonably arrange the installation sequence of steel structure and membrane structure.

Structural Coating
Membrane Structure


    Derusting - Hand-made rust-removing treatment on the surface of the steel before production, and the quality of derusting is up to (CB8923-88).
    The Sa21/2 standard.


    The surface treatment of steel structure is epoxy zinc-rich primer, white alkyd topcoat, and two-layer paint dry film thickness is not less than 150um.

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