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Google training


In order to further improve the business skills of employees and cultivate professional talents to meet the needs of enterprise development, the leaders of yijin group arranged  operation department to study the promotion of Google Website, so as to present hotel tent products more professionally.

This training content is mainly for learning to create high-quality marketing website and planning high conversion website content. During the training, the partners carefully recorded and actively Shared with the lecturers after class.

In this training, the partners all expressed the benefit, and thanked the company for attaching importance to our cultivation and support.

Yijin company adhering to the "training is the enterprise long-term investment, it is the biggest power of development and the biggest benefits of employees' ideas. Building good environment conducive to the development of staff which make staff can efficiently conduct and constantly enrich themselves. Besides, keeping strengthening their own business potential, contribution to the development of enterprises and strength, to provide better service to our customers.

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