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Entrance corridor Sunshade Membrane Structure For School


Membrane structure gate corridor facilities services: school gate, factory gate, company gate, various building gate and so on.This has become the first part of people's visual contact, and can reflect the characteristics of the building.

Yuehong has customized this corridor membrane structure and court roof membrane structure for huanggang middle school, which adopts PVDF membrane material that is 100% waterproof and anti-ultraviolet, and can adapt to all kinds of weather.

The shape of basketball court membrane structure is wavy and the color are yellow and white, giving a sense of vitality.

Membrane structure has a wide range of applications, not only in sunshade, but also in sports.Yuehong also designed the stadium roof membrane structure, which is built between two buildings. It is not limited by space and climate, but can also become another scene.

Yuehong can provide you with all membrane structure solutions!

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