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Do you know the factors that affect the quality of membrane structure


In recent years, the membrane structure industry has been a great development, the quality requirements of membrane structure building is also increasingly high, so Yuehong introduces the factors that affect the quality of membrane structure:

The first is the size of the film surface. The measurement of the size of the film surface is not done on site, but in the splicing plant. To ensure its cleanliness and accuracy, it must be measured in the workshop before being folded and shipped. During the construction, so you just need to unfold it directly. Therefore, if the size is not determined in place, it will waste a lot of time and affect the quality of the building. 

Second, film surface quality. During the construction, the membrane surface shall be strictly protected. For example, it is strictly forbidden to contact the ground and cannot be stepped on at will. If you don't pay attention, the film surface will be scratched or dirty, which will affect its beauty. 

Third, the quality of joints. The diaphragm needs to be spliced together. If the adhesive used is not good or the technology is not up to standard, cracks will appear between the joints, which not only affects the beauty of the building, but also affects the quality of the building, causing potential safety hazards.    

The last, late construction. Facts have proved that most of the engineering problems are caused by the construction in the later stage, so in order to ensure its quality, we must do a good job in the later stage of supervision, prevent laziness and cutting corners and other phenomena.

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