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The time will improves our quality.

Guangzhou Yuehong Membrane Structure Technology Co.Ltd,

Guangzhou Yuehong Membrane Structure Technology Co.Ltd, founded in 1998, is located in ShiJi Town, PanYu District, Guangzhou covering an area of 15000 square meters. Yuehong with more than 20 years history has gathering lots of high-quality elites who are engaged in space structural projects with several years experience. 2 constructors (PRC Certified first class), 3 associate constructors (PRC Certified second class), 3 project managers of membrane structure (PRC Certified second class), 5 senior designers, 5 engineers with more than 15 years experience of manufacture, and more than 20 product-consultants are working for Yuehong. The biggest successful case that we made is of 139m width (no poles inside). More over, professional design of products and projects can be offered to clients by our strong professional team promptly and effectively.

With the development of internationalization and globalization, Yuehong keeps updating itself to broaden the market such as adding network operational departments and market department. Now it has more than 10 online sales platform and completed thousands of cases for clients in hundreds of countries and regions around the world. At the same time, Yuehong imports advanced membrane structure manufacturing technology to improve productivity. By now it owns several automatic NC machines and Gantry cranes and total construction area is more than 500 thousands square meters.


Yuehong has always adhered to “quality first, integrity based” business concept and focus on quality of products and improve supporting services in its development. High quality of products and professional services will prove that Yuehong products are trustworthy all the time.  



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Creating value for customer


As time went by, Yuehong has lots achievements


In 1998,  Shunzhong Lin , the funder of Yuehong Membrane Structure, led a group of pioneers  to Panyu, Guangzhou where they exploited the market, entered the Tensile Membrane Structure Industry.


In 2000, Yuehong always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first" . The product is awarded the title of "national standard qualified product" through the national ISO9001:2008 quality inspection.


In 2002, Yuehong constantly improved and optimized the development strategy of enterprises, and implemented standardized and normalized management system. The company has set up general departments, administrative departments, purchasing departments and other departments to clarify the responsibilities of each post.


In 2008,with the rapid development of Yuehong, the plant expansion project has been completed  and the area of the factory reached to 900/m2.


In 2010, during the preparation of the Guangzhou Asian Games, Yuehong participated in a number of municipal engineering projects and performed outstandingly in the construction of the project and won the honorary title of “Excellent Construction Cooperation Model”.


In 2011, with the progress of the globalization process, Yuehong has set up a special foreign trade market department, and expanded overseas markets. So far, it has more than 50 customers in more than 50 countries and regions.


In 2013, Yuehong won the honor of “Quality, Integrity, Service AAA Enterprise”.


In 2014, Yuehong won the honorary title of "Guangdong Province Shou contract re credit enterprise" and "Chinese famous brand".


In 2015, keeping pace with the development of the era, Yuehong gradually improved its production lines and improved production efficiency and quality. The company introduced several automated CNC machines and invested more than 10 million yuan.


In 2017, Yuehong established a new network operation department and vigorously promoted Internet sales.

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