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A coffee shop membrane structure in KZ


Guangzhou yuehong membrane structure co., LTD., is a professional company which engaged in design and product the big sports stadiums, hotels tent, car parking shed, membrane structure, gas stations, pvdf membrane architecture.

A coffee shop in KZ(Kazakhstan) adopts steel structure and non-glare lighting system, and the indoor light is fully permeated, and the temperature is constant and wet in winter. Compared with the outdoor cafe without the roof, the membrane-structure cafe can bring people A kind of comfortable leisure space.

The special white and transparent PVDF construction film material can ensure natural lighting and maintain a certain private space.PVDF membrane material has strong self-cleaning, and the temperature is applicable to -40℃ to 70℃, so it is not affected by the local climate, and also with a life span of 10-30 years.

Because PVDF membrane materials has good tensile and ductility, so it can achieve a curved shape, which is far better than traditional architecture, and the shape can be more novel and fashionable.

Yuehong membrane structure can provide you more unique products, and provide perfect after-sale service to make you more comfortable.

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